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Welcome to the portfolio site of Kensley O Lewis Jr. A front-end web developer.

Since 2003 I have been deploying professional web sites for various individuals, firms and corporate entities. I uphold the following as core values:

  1. Time management
  2. Team leadership
  3. Researching on best coding and design practices

I currently serve the National FFA Organization as a User Interface developer. My primary responsibility is to provide web support for internal and external customers. This includes crafting style sheets, database modifications, building Microsoft forms and apps, improving UI web components, and other related tasks.

You can also visit me on the following platforms:

I have been blessed through family, friends and mentors to grow as a leader in my field of work. Much of my success stems from their efforts. As a result, I take great pride in coaching, training and developing others so that they can become leaders in web development and design.

My Technical Skill Set

I provide professional support in the following areas

  • HTML
  • JavaScript (ES6 - ES2020)
  • CSS2/3 & CSS Flexbox
  • CSS Animations for the web
  • NodeJs
  • ExpressJs
  • npm
  • JSON
  • Git
  • Google Apps, APIs & embeds
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Forms
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Symfony App development
  • WordPress theme development
  • Custom graphics & logos
  • Custom slideshows for the web
  • Game development with Lua

Site Projects

Custom Graphics

ABC Company Floral Clouds Creation Creation Alt Flame Abstraction ESV The Snow is Gone
Crush 2 Pieces Cambodia Gimp Projects : Deep Red Gimp Projects : Deep Red v02 Gimp Projects : Deep Red v03 Gimp Projects : Gold Gimp Projects : Gold Dark Gimp Projects : Green Gimp Projects : Orange Cream v01 Gimp Projects : Orange Cream v02
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